The Archipelago consists of a group of 10 islands. On each island there is a limited space to place buildings and decorations.

When first unlocked, each island is covered in obstacles that must be cleared. Each island has three different-sized obstacles. Each obstacle requires a certain amount of Gold and time in order to be cleared. Islands can only be purchased in the order in which they become available. When an island is available for purchase, a sign appears on the island and the player can select it and press the Unlock button to buy it in the window that pops up.

Several gameplay elements can be found near and on some of the islands, including ruins that can be explored by using Dragons. Each ruin will cost a certain amount of Gold to be unlocked. Once the price is paid, it will then take a set amount of time for the unlocking process to be complete.

Main Island

Distant Marsh

Faded Earth

Lost World

Magma's Land

Turtle's Shell

Tranquil Garden

Polar Rock

Hatchling's Playpen

Mystic Heights

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